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TRANSFORMYOURLIFE.COM.NG – TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE Are You Ready to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFEin 2019? Ever Advancing, Increasing Success BEGINS HEREREVEALED: THREE (3) Reasons You Are Struggling and Failing, and How To Solve It. Are you TIRED of failing and ready to start living a life of success in 2019? READ THIS POST TO THE END. Who declared you a failure? People do not just become failures. We all know that NOBODY WAS CREATED A FAILURE, nothing in the natural world was created to fail. NO TREE, FISH OR BIRD WAS EVER CREATED TO FAIL. HOW MUCH MORE A HUMAN BEING – MASTERS OF THE EARTH! Nobody became a failure by default. They became failures because of the society they are born into. THEY BECOME FAILURES BECAUSE OF THE THINGS THEY WERE TAUGHT OR THE THINGS THEY WERE NOT TAUGHT. They became failures because the things they were taught led them to develop thinking processes and habits that led them to fail. Yes, if I can CHANGE a person’s thinking, she will stop failing and start succeeding. SIMP…

Financial Independence

Financial independence means that you will never be broke. Whenever you need money, you can easily make it available. Even if this is not the case, you can take care of yourself and your family without any need to call on friends to lend you money. In a country like Nigeria, this is a bit difficult due to the trending economic downturn and the lack of a stable business environment. Regardless, you have no choice than to be financially independent. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares tips that will help to be financially independent.

Income is not wealth This is one mistake many people make. They think the more they earn, the more they are financially independent. Yes, it is good to have a high-paying salary. However, the truth is that you are still working very hard to make the money and you are yet to invest it. Beyond your immediate salary, you do not have anything. What happens if you lose your job? Try to do something outside your job to earn more. Just ask yours…

Becoming Rich

How did you become financially wealthy? Dandan Zhu, Entrepreneur, Headhunter, and Investor, Dandan Global Group Updated Dec 1
You don't need any overhead, you don't need any websites, you don't need any of that. Now at the end of these five websites I'm going to actually show you a great website that's going to help you. So you just take your link then you promote it and you get a percentage on that. Stick around at the end I'll show you my very cool way to have other people promote your link for you. 1- The first one is going to be peerfly (Search on google « peerfly ») (Cost Per Action offers) Peerfly is a cost per action website and it's been around for a long time. I've used them for a long time and they're really great because a lot of the offers are zip submit or email submit. IMAGE : PEERFLY WEBSITE from Google So you can actually get paid just by promoting your link and you can get paid like $2 or $3 dollars every time somebody just puts in their email. So they don't have to pull out a credit card or anything like that. Peer fly is a really good network for zip s…